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About CPT

Communication Pathways Trust

The Mission:

To act as a catalyst for training, production, dissemination and distribution of programmes to promote the social and economic advancement of society through the powerful tool of film and audiovisual, in particular, and mass media in general.

The Vision:

CPT aims to demonstrate that independent media producers can shape the future of their communities in ways that are innovative, entrepreneurial and sustainable through the use of different production and outreach channels.

The Goal:

To ensure a knowledgeable society that can make informed decisions, thereby improving the lives of the vast majority.

Our Objectives:

  1. Create awareness through audiovisual and cinema productions that are able to present their own unique realities
  2. Facilitate communication through provision of training in film, audiovisual and mass media
  3. Distribute and disseminate all materials produced through available distribution and media channels
  4. Pool resources through fundraising to support projects

Who We Are

Communication Pathways Trust (CPT) is an independent, not for profit multimedia organization established in 2001. It works to enhance the social, economic, educational and cultural interests of society through film, audiovisual and mass media.

What We Do

  1. Create spaces for exhibition, discussions, interactions and networking to facilitate dialogue on a wide array of subjects
  2. Facilitate training for audiovisual productions that are able to express the individual voice of communities and the society at large